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We Can Change God’s Mood

June 24, 2009

rick0012At our home group last night we had no agenda, we just asked the Holy Spirit what He wanted to share. We got a single word, “impact.” This is what the Lord then showed us about that word.

There are two kinds of impact: one when you collide into a wall, which is a wreck that causes injury – the other is when we make a positive impact for the Kingdom. As a loving Father He wants the latter for all of us, and will tell us to make a course change to avoid a crash, but ultimately the kind of impact we experience will depend on our free will choice.

Let me elaborate. My wife got that each member of our group was on some type of “wrong track” right now. The Lord was speaking to each of us about issues He wanted us to deal with by bringing them to the cross for forgiveness and to receive the power to change. But we got this visual of commandos from the enemy’s camp slinking in with grease guns to keep us on that slippery slope.

That’s when it really got interesting. The Lord showed us that He loves us unconditionally, even when we’re on the wrong track and eventually crash. That’s a given. But is that comforting and foundational concept all there is? He reminded me of a time when I was worshiping in church and He shared with me, “You can change my mood.” I said what…you’re God…above it all, what do you mean little ole me can change your mood? He then said, “I’ve been through a lot.” Starting with Adam and Eve, the grumbling of His people in the dessert when they were set free from Egypt, the idolatry of the Old testament, the rejection of His Son, and on and on up till today, God’s feelings have been hurt by us. Yes, the Lord has feelings: joy, sadness, anger, they are all listed in the Bible.

When we decide to stop being so self-centered and stubborn and choose to change our ways (the track we’re on) we go from being a child causing the Father pain to a functional son, daughter, and friend – this changes God’s mood and makes him very happy. So summed up, He loves us when we’re on the wrong track, reaches out to us directly and through people to change our course, and loves us still when we impact and crash. But isn’t being someone who changes tracks, makes an impact for the kingdom, and changes God’s mood, a lot better person to be?

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