Everything is Becoming Irrelevant

In June of 2006, I was at a restaurant with some Christian friends when the Lord spoke to my heart in a very powerful way. It was so intense I told the one friend to write it down. Here is what I heard the lord say:

1. Something very big is happening in the Spirit realm and discernment will determine destiny. 

2. Everything is becoming irrelevant, whatever you thought was important, isn’t. 

3. This big thing is like the wind blowing. Our job is to set our sail to catch it, like taking a sailboat to be caught up in it. 

There was a pause and then I heard something that wouldn’t be typical of how God would speak, but I was certain it was the Lord. He said, ” I’M NOT KIDDING!” We were a little shaken, but no one was sure exactly what this meant. 

Fast forward to the spring of 2008. I was meeting with a friend about my book, The Lost Secret, and he said the Lord told him a shift had occurred – like a major move in the heavens. About a week later the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “There’s a crack in the cosmos.” He then gave me a beautiful mental vision. There were dark grey clouds across the sky, but in the center was a circular opening with azure blue sky. It was stunning, with rays of light coming through it. The sense was that things were dark all around, but there was an opening or portal that we could be caught up into – so the dark clouds wouldn’t be over us.

Then in September of 2008 the stock market meltdown occurred. A severe worldwide recession followed. Things now began to make sense. Something big was happening. Lives where changed in an instant for many people. We all began to wonder how this was all going to turn out. 

So the question is this: when it’s run its course, will everything we thought was important become irrelevant? Will discernment determine our destiny, to live under the grey clouds, or make a course change in our life (like tacking a sail boat) to be caught up in the wind, upward through the crack in the cosmos? 

How can we hear the Lord’s voice so we can discern what to do? He’s telling our little home group to get intimate with Him. Set time aside, whether with music, the word, or simply talking to Him. He told us, “Multi-tasking is not romantic,” so when you do this, truly drop everything and focus only on Him. Make it special! Then ask Him to give you very specific and personal direction for you and your family, so you will have dfiscernment for your destiny.

He will, because God loves us and He is faithful!


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