We Can Change God’s Mood

June 24, 2009

rick0012At our home group last night we had no agenda, we just asked the Holy Spirit what He wanted to share. We got a single word, “impact.” This is what the Lord then showed us about that word.

There are two kinds of impact: one when you collide into a wall, which is a wreck that causes injury – the other is when we make a positive impact for the Kingdom. As a loving Father He wants the latter for all of us, and will tell us to make a course change to avoid a crash, but ultimately the kind of impact we experience will depend on our free will choice.

Let me elaborate. My wife got that each member of our group was on some type of “wrong track” right now. The Lord was speaking to each of us about issues He wanted us to deal with by bringing them to the cross for forgiveness and to receive the power to change. But we got this visual of commandos from the enemy’s camp slinking in with grease guns to keep us on that slippery slope.

That’s when it really got interesting. The Lord showed us that He loves us unconditionally, even when we’re on the wrong track and eventually crash. That’s a given. But is that comforting and foundational concept all there is? He reminded me of a time when I was worshiping in church and He shared with me, “You can change my mood.” I said what…you’re God…above it all, what do you mean little ole me can change your mood? He then said, “I’ve been through a lot.” Starting with Adam and Eve, the grumbling of His people in the dessert when they were set free from Egypt, the idolatry of the Old testament, the rejection of His Son, and on and on up till today, God’s feelings have been hurt by us. Yes, the Lord has feelings: joy, sadness, anger, they are all listed in the Bible.

When we decide to stop being so self-centered and stubborn and choose to change our ways (the track we’re on) we go from being a child causing the Father pain to a functional son, daughter, and friend – this changes God’s mood and makes him very happy. So summed up, He loves us when we’re on the wrong track, reaches out to us directly and through people to change our course, and loves us still when we impact and crash. But isn’t being someone who changes tracks, makes an impact for the kingdom, and changes God’s mood, a lot better person to be?

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Everything is Becoming Irrelevant

May 30, 2009

In June of 2006, I was at a restaurant with some Christian friends when the Lord spoke to my heart in a very powerful way. It was so intense I told the one friend to write it down. Here is what I heard the lord say:

1. Something very big is happening in the Spirit realm and discernment will determine destiny. 

2. Everything is becoming irrelevant, whatever you thought was important, isn’t. 

3. This big thing is like the wind blowing. Our job is to set our sail to catch it, like taking a sailboat to be caught up in it. 

There was a pause and then I heard something that wouldn’t be typical of how God would speak, but I was certain it was the Lord. He said, ” I’M NOT KIDDING!” We were a little shaken, but no one was sure exactly what this meant. 

Fast forward to the spring of 2008. I was meeting with a friend about my book, The Lost Secret, and he said the Lord told him a shift had occurred – like a major move in the heavens. About a week later the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “There’s a crack in the cosmos.” He then gave me a beautiful mental vision. There were dark grey clouds across the sky, but in the center was a circular opening with azure blue sky. It was stunning, with rays of light coming through it. The sense was that things were dark all around, but there was an opening or portal that we could be caught up into – so the dark clouds wouldn’t be over us.

Then in September of 2008 the stock market meltdown occurred. A severe worldwide recession followed. Things now began to make sense. Something big was happening. Lives where changed in an instant for many people. We all began to wonder how this was all going to turn out. 

So the question is this: when it’s run its course, will everything we thought was important become irrelevant? Will discernment determine our destiny, to live under the grey clouds, or make a course change in our life (like tacking a sail boat) to be caught up in the wind, upward through the crack in the cosmos? 

How can we hear the Lord’s voice so we can discern what to do? He’s telling our little home group to get intimate with Him. Set time aside, whether with music, the word, or simply talking to Him. He told us, “Multi-tasking is not romantic,” so when you do this, truly drop everything and focus only on Him. Make it special! Then ask Him to give you very specific and personal direction for you and your family, so you will have dfiscernment for your destiny.

He will, because God loves us and He is faithful!


January 1, 2009

rick0012Simple vs. Sinister


With my business-owner background, I still occasionally dabble in the business world. So strange as this may sound, I actually felt led by the Lord to do some personal trading in the stock market the week of Oct. 6, 2008. As we now know, that was one of the worst weeks in the history of the market. In the middle of the pain, I had to remind myself that loss can bring gain. During some really gut-wrenching times, I would tell the Lord my number one goal was to have a pure heart toward Him – not greed, but to just do what He said. Amazingly, I started getting direction on almost a daily basis and began to make some brilliant moves. I kept going over a period of several months with the thought of turning my losses into a small gain. Then something changed: I stopped hearing the Lord’s voice in my heart, so I had no direction as to what to do.


What had happened? One morning during my intimate time with the Lord, He shared with me that my number one goal was no longer to have a pure heart toward Him. Instead, I now approached each day with my personal agenda of turning loss into gain. That’s why I was having trouble hearing His voice. Then I got the scripture, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to finish His work” (John 4:34). Jesus’ food, the thing that kept Him alive and was His reason for living, was to hear and do the will of His Father Who sent Him. I thought, “That’s really simple – have faith that what you’re doing is the will of the Father and ask Jesus to help you carry it out, and you will be blessed.”


I then read Isaiah 46:11, which says, “What I have said, that I will bring about, what I have planned, that I will do.” God plans it, speaks it, and it happens every time. So if my food is to hear God’s will and do it, what I do will be blessed. The next scripture drove this point home, it said out of the Amplified Bible, “Roll your works upon the Lord (commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and) so shall your plans be established and succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3). WOW! VERY SIMPLE! But…what about sinister?


Sinister is this – when what I believe is God’s will isn’t! This is where hidden idols come in. An idol is a false god, something that appears to be God and good, but isn’t. To varying degrees, I believe all humans are controlled by hidden idols, and this explains why sometimes the good things we believe we are doing for God don’t work out (not all the time, sometimes obeying God will not be a fun, profitable, or an easy thing to do). But remember, we’re talking about sinister times, when what we’re doing for God should work out and doesn’t. This “hidden idol” concept creates the ultimate deception for sincere Christians, a good intention. And how horrible and sinister is that when I genuinely believe I am carrying out God’s will, and it really isn’t. Our home group has coined a term to check out ideas before things get ugly. We ask, “Is this a good idea, or a God idea?”


That’s why the cry of my heart is for the Lord to search me – to expose the hidden idols in me that are generating a lot of good ideas that in the end produce folly instead of fruit. Dealing with hidden idols is a process, and is discussed in-depth in Chapters 8 and 9 in The Lost Secret. My hope is that the insights I gained during my long process of dealing with hidden idols and good intentions can make yours a lot shorter. That’s it for today, and I pray this has provided some insight for you.


Rick Suarez